Sunday, June 21, 2015

Oomph Workshop: Eclipse the Way You Want It

Our Oomph Workshop at EclipseCon France is next Wednesday morning and Ed and I hope to see you there. We'll not only show you how to use Oomph's Eclipse Installer to provision ready-to-use IDEs and workspaces, we'll also teach you how to create setups for your own projects:

By submitting a functional setup for an Eclipse project
every EclipseCon participant can

All you need is an Eclipse IDE with Oomph and our Author's Guide.

The challenge, of course, becomes easier if you attend our workshop. If you plan to do so, please download the following zip file and unzip it to an empty folder on your local disk:

The zip file is giant (2.5 GB) because we've designed it to allow you to exercise the tutorial without network access, i.e., it includes some mirrors of p2 and Git repositories, as well as preconfigured installer executables for all platforms. To bootstrap the tutorial IDE follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the "installers" folder and launch the installer for your platform. If you are on Linux, please "chmod +x" your installer binary first!

  2. If you run the installer the first time ever it might come up in simple mode. In this case please switch it to advanced mode:

  3. In the advanced mode pick the "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers" product and select the "Mars" version and click Next:

  4. On the second installer page double-click the "Oomph Tutorial" project and verify that it's been added to the table at the bottom:

  5. Confirm all following installer pages with Next or Finish. The tutorial IDE will be installed and started:

Now you're ready to participate. We're looking forward to meeting you in Toulouse!