Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alexander and the Gordian Knot

'... What glory's due to him that could divide
Such ravelled interests; has the knot untied,
And without stroke so smooth a passage made,
Where craft and malice such impeachments laid?'
Edmund Waller the King

Original medallion of Alexander.

Well, when I look outside, this first November Sunday is not so nice. Bugzilla is waiting but it is Sunday! Anyway, I read the newsgroup and found an interesting post about a topic I discussed at different occasions with Ed Merks and other people in the recent past. I looked out of the window and decided to answer. Hold on. I looked again out of the window and said to myself "Is this the moment to start my own blog?". I always thought that I have not much important to tell in the public but then the idea: I solve this problem by declaring "this blog is not intended to tell important things!". Looking at some other blogs this seems to make sense although I know that beauty is not the only thing in the eye of the beholder.

In the end this blog enables me to pull my name in the public mud myself before others do it. For example Ed recently blogged about my cool, EMF based, model repository framework CDO and its relation with the world's financial crisis, as well as some security problems in Microsoft products. On the other hand, given the ten overly productive chinese (is this PC??) locked in Ed's home office, writing all these articles, it is pretty unlikely that I can blame myself for the next disaster much earlier.

Maybe it is best instead to try writing some posts that are semi important at least. I leave that to the eye of the aforementioned beholder, you. Watch out my next article about thread safety...

A super nova knot.

Ahh, apologies that I also leave it to you to find a relation between the gordian knot and modern software development, or not. I need to go, the sun comes out, and it is Sunday...


  1. hi eike,

    good to see you here with your own blog ...

    hopefully you got some sun today...



  2. Eike,

    I thought we agreed not to mention my "employees"? Oops! I mean there's no one in my basement!!

  3. Hi Eike, welcome in the blogosphere ;)

  4. Hi Cédric, Thx! I tried to leave a comment on your blog but I don't know what "Add Comment" is in french...