Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hightech Webinar!

Yeah, it's hightech what we're working on. And it's definitely hightech what we're working with for this purpose:

My new hightech landline headset

During the tests for our CDO Webinar on Thursday with Ed and Lynn it turned out that Skype produces awful feedbacks which requires me to use a landline phone with a headset. Darn, none of my phones has got a socket for a headset! But, as you can see, I'm used to solving problems.

A day later, all of a sudden, my keyboard startet talking to me! Just rubbish, like a baby: rdeeeeeeeeIIIIIIII. And didn't listen to my commands anymore. Gosh, darn it! What a luck that I found an old keyboard that I can use for the Webinar (I put the baby not too far, so that we can try a nicer conversation later). I'll better have some backup mouse devices at hand, too...

Now everything should be prepared and I hope to see many of you tomorrow. You can win a copy of the second edition of the EMF book by attending:

Don't forget to register for the Webinar!


  1. Oh, I forgot to mention that the maintainibility of my headset solution is less than optimal: After startup it's hard to control and shutdown corrupts my right eyebrow permanently!

  2. Nice, Eike! Looking forward to your webinar. Good luck!



  3. haha Eike, nice!

    I highly recommend the Jawbone headset if you need something new...

    It allows me to take calls in coffee shops with espresso machines whirling.

  4. It has been a very interesting Webinar. I am really thinking of using CDO in my project.
    I hope the GMF support in CDO is coming soon...

  5. Henke, Thx! ;-)

    Chris, It looks like a very smart solution. I'll consider it on my next hardware shopping tour...

    Mattre, Why not simply trying it with a prototype? It's simpler than it might look at a first glance. According to Vik, basic GMF functionality is already working. Please ask him in the newsgroup about details!

  6. It was a fantastic webinar.
    I am deep interest in EMF and playing with it last 5 years in the domains of Rule Engine, BPM and SCA.
    Are the cdo slides available for download ?


  7. Kaniska, Thank you ;-) All presentation material is available in CVS.