Monday, March 23, 2009

LongTalk[ ] cdo;

Only by accident I realized that my EclipseCon talk about the CDO Model Repository is allocated in two different rooms at the same time! I'm not yet sure how to manage this new challenge. The conference web schedule lists the CDO talk on Tuesday 11:10 am in room 206 and the printed programme allocates it in room 207. Fortunately both rooms are located side by side...

Those of you who attended my talks previously might notice that I recreated all the slides from scratch. I'm pretty confident that we'll manage to go on an interesting and diverting trip touching all the concepts and features that make CDO a great runtime platform for scalable and distributed models.

With CDO models go enterprise!
You can go there, too...


  1. Is there somewhere I can download the slides from Tuesdays talk?

  2. Andrew, I just published them at I hope that I'll find some time soon to re-record them with spoken explanations...

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed the presentation!