Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CDO 4.1 is Available

Together with the Juno release train we have released CDO 4.1.
You can download or install it from:

The release notes and documentation are also available.

I'd like to thank the CDO committers, contributors and users for another year full of exciting challenges, pleasant cooperations and major achievements. For myself CDO is a full-time job and I'd like to do no other job. Thank you for that!


  1. Hi Eike,

    I have been catching up on CDO for the past two days. I'm exploring its use for a multi-player, turn-based game. I have used EMF extensively in the past, but now require ability to read/write the model concurrently.

    Your blogs and presentations have been very useful in helping me understand the concepts.


  2. Thank you, Sanjeev. All the best for your game ;-)

  3. Hi Eike,

    Can we use CDOClient in a Http Servlet? I read that some threading is involved in opening a connection, so that might interfere with the web container's thread.


  4. Sorry, I'm not a servlet expert. CDO and Net4j certainly invlove multiple threads. You may either want to just try it or ask on a servlet forum.