Saturday, August 22, 2009

EMF is Awesome!

This is one of the conclusions in the first part of an article series I wrote for the german Eclipse Magazin. I already blogged about the included example application eDine. Now the article has been promoted to the JAXenter portal, where it can be read by everybody who's able to read German:

In this article I elaborate on some internal details of EMF regarding scalability (see also my blog How Scalable are my Models?) before I dive into a detailed explanation of the CDO Model Repository.

The second part of this series will show you how to use EMF and CDO to build distributed, scalable and model-based application systems. The comprehensive example that will be included in that article is already available in the Eclipse CVS. I'll leave a note here when the second part is publicly available on JAXenter.

In case there's a translation geek out there, willing to help me translate these articles into English for a broader audience, please drop me a note. A seat in the CDO hall of fame is guaranteed :P

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