Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EMF Tips #2: Tweaking my Genmodel

The major part of this month I've been on vacation in Toronto and spent a wonderful time with René, Ed and Frank. Ed's garden is as beautiful as one might expect and I was busy collecting evidence of that.

Too busy to keep up with my EMF Tips blog series. In part #1 we discussed ways to easily generate multiple models. Thanks for all the helpful comments.

This part focusses on tayloring and tweaking the outputs of a single generator model. The default Genmodel properties lead to generation of four plug-ins: model, edit, editor and tests.

We will always need the model plug-in itself but often we don't need all of the other three outputs, so how do we exclude particular plug-ins from generation?

The Genmodel has a properties category for each of the output plug-ins: Edit, Editor and Tests. Completely switching off the generation of any of these is as simple as deleting the respective Directory property.

The generator UI will immediately reflect this by disabling the respective Generate menu item. Even the Shift+Alt+G dialog from tip #1 will adjust accordingly.

The next part of this series will focus on the interesting question "Why should I want to generate editors?". For now, you'd know how to avoid it. Stay tuned.

I was just told that there are still three seats available for the Eclipse Modeling Code Camp training that Ed and I will be giving next month (starting October, 12th) in Munich. Don't miss this great opportunity to spend four days with us and become

the world's greatest modeler!

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